Free Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Cleaning a Head Balding a Head Depainting Painting Glue and Seal Selecting Hair
Rooting a Head Thatching a Part Setting and Taming Styling Dying Thinning
Eyelashes Adding a Part Moving a Part Lengthening a Part Shortening a Part Shaping a Part
Adding Bangs Removing Bangs Adding a Widow's Peak Removing a Widow's Peak Fruits Critters
Tools List
Make Your Own
Hats Stiffening Fabric Measuring a Head Making Mini Flora Making Mini Fruits Making Mini Fauna
Shoes Sewing Leather Dying Leather Painting Leather Setting Eyelets Gluing Leather
Lasts Using Lasts Making Heels Removing Shoes Making Ribbon Roses Making Mini Buckles
Clothes Dying Fabric Painting Fabric Printing on Fabric Making Mini Buttonholes Making Mini Buttons
Gloves Stitching Narrow Seams Attaching Elastic Turning Tiny Fingers Making Mini Lace Sewing Stretch Fabric
Bags\Purses Making Mini Ruffles Wrapping Narrow Wire Sewing Vinyl\P*Leather Embossing Vinyl\P*Leather Gluing Vinyl\P*Leather
Wigs Wefting Hair Unwefting Hair Dying Hair Setting Hair Styling Hair
Wings Determining Size Attaching Wings Stiffening Wings Weaving Wire Painting Stretched Nylon
Carving Wood Stretching Paper Weaving Wood Dying Wood Stretching Fabric
Painting Silk Drilling Metal Gluing Metal Sewing by Hand Painting Metal
Toys Baking Poly Clay Using Air-Dry Clay Making Molds Making Joints Making an Armature
Dolls Designing a Face Making a Hollow Head Making Fabric Joints Making a jointed Waist Stuffing a Doll
Heads Making a Hollow Head Making Ears Making Eye Holes Making an open Mouth Make Ribbon Roses
Hands Designing Fingers Making Nails Painting Nails Making Rings Making Bracelets
Feet Designing Toes Jointing Feet Make Eyes Roses Toenails
Eyes Making Metallic Irises Making Domed Corneas Making Floating Pupils Making Amnimesque Eyes Clear Coating Eyes
Fantasy Ears Making Earrings Stretched Ear Lobes Joints Roses Furry
Stuffed Animals Attaching Plastic Eyes Shoes Hats Roses Sewing a Face
Furnishings Rescaling Drilling Wood Sanding Wood Finishing Wood Gluing Wood

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