Gluing and Sealing

Gluing prevents the hair from coming out during brushing, sealing lets you root the wide holes caused by an overzealous rooting machine and use less hair.

Good light (do NOT attempt this is a dim place!)
Good ventilation (glue fumes are toxic!)
Doll head
Water-insoluble, permanent glue for sealing head
Cotton-Swab for distributing glue
Inexpensive\disposable plastic or paper palette for mixing\diluting\testing glue
Water (or diluent) tub for thinning glue if necessary

Cloth Head
1. Attain ALL tools\materials\requirements
2. Read ALL steps first, these ARE NOT read-as-you-go instructions!

1. Choose your glue
2. Read ALL warnings, cautions, and directions on glue label
3. Follow directions for opening nozzle
4. Invert head
5. Squeeze a strand of glue into head (two to three inches long for a Barbie size head)
6. Smear around with Cotton-Swab
7. Throw out Cotton-Swab
8. Let glue dry
9. Wash your hands

Do NOT use Cyanaochrilate a rooted head (it will seep out through the holes because of its low viscosity)! You can use white glue, but it is NOT waterproof (boil permers beware)!

Cloth Head

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