Thatching a Part

What is thatching?
It's what you do to hide the doll's scalp. (If you look at a bald factory-rooted head, you will see two parallel lines of closely rooted holes. This is the partline.)

Cloth Head
Good light (do NOT attempt this is a dim place!)
Good ventilation (styling gel fumes are toxic!)
Thin needle for separating plugs
Rooted and glued doll head
Hair brush or comb
Hair tie, rubber band, or clip for holding extra hair out of the way
Hair gel (optional)

Cloth Head
1. Attain ALL tools\materials\requirements
2. Read ALL steps first, these ARE NOT read-as-you-go instructions!

3. Separated all of the part hair (as you can see, it's sticking up like a Mohawk)
4. Tie the remaining hair out of your way
5. Use the needle to separate a horizontal section of hair
6. Lay it to the left
7. Separate another plug of hair
8. Lay it to the right
9. Continue separating sections and alternating the lay
10. Apply gel if desired
11. Undo ponytail
12. Brush hair into place

13. Set

Cloth Head
14. Style

Cloth Head
Some dolls have only one row of part holes, others have four. One row is pretty simple; for four rows, thatch only the inside two (according to the factory). It, however, is your decision how many rows to refill and how they are styled.

Cloth Head

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