Setting Hair

Time to set and tame the hair.

Good light (do NOT attempt this is a dim place!)
Rooted doll head (or finished wig)
Hair brush or comb
Tall cup

1. Attain ALL tools\materials\requirements
2. Read ALL steps first, these ARE NOT read-as-you-go instructions!

1. Fill pot with water
2. Heat the water.* WARNING! Boiling water will burn you!
3. Pour half of the boiling water over the doll head
4. (While the water on the hair is still steaming) comb the hair neat
5. Pour remaining half of the boiling water over the doll's head to set the style
6. Fill tall cup with cold water and ice
7. stir
8. Pour ice water over the doll's head to lock the style
9. Let hair air dry (this usually takes about 24 hours)

10. Style

*Acetate and nylon doll hair can withstand rapidly boiling water, while saran should be styled with water that's at only a mild simmer, since saran doll hair is more prone to frizzing. However, saran doll hair is the most difficult to style. Nylon and acetate doll hair are both very easy to style.
The ideal temperature for most fibres is about 170F.
At this point, you can do a boil perm if desired

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