Roxi's Custom Dolls
Commission Service for Fashion Dolls, Softsculpture Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Tools, Patterns, Tutorials, Parts, Fashions, Shoes, Wigs, Accessories, Furniture, and more

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IF you are looking for an affordable custom toy you have found the right place.

I perform the amazing feat of turning dolls into new custom characters. This is done with repainting the dollís faces, rerooting with new hair, making outfits, hand casting shoes and accessories and anything else needed to turn a doll into an entirely new character.

If you would like your very own custom doll created, send an E-mail and let me know what you would like.

I can make or alter:
Fashion dolls, softsulpt dolls, stuffed animals, and doll clothes of nearly any material, ABS, PVAc, vinyl, wood, cloth, celluloid, (I do not have the equipment for porcelain), at any scale (sample dolls span 1:12 scale to 1:2 scale); any type, such as character copies, real person copies, and originals; any base MLPs, display dolls, cloth toys, stuffed animals, accessaries, furniture, and clothes.

Please visit the gallery, and the tutorials page, I have oodles of free info on offer.