Balding a Head

Before you can change to new hair, you have to remove the old. This is not difficult.

Good light (do NOT attempt this is a dim place!)
Blunt needle for pushing thick plugs into head
Wood or metal block for pressing needle thought head
Sharp, strong scissors for cutting hair
Small crochet hook for loosening stubborn plugs
Hemostats or tweezers for extracting hair
Bag for collecting old hair (whether you throw or keep it)

1. Attain ALL tools\materials\requirements
2. Read ALL steps first, these ARE NOT read-as-you-go instructions!

3. Select your doll
4. Cut hair as close to the head as possible, making sure clipped hair goes into the bag.
5. Push plugs into the head with the needle
6. Remove head from body
7. Pull out the plugs with the hemostats, going in through the neck hole (put these in the bag too--some plugs can be pulled form the out side of the head.)

8. Seal

Some heads will need to be softened in hot water before they can be removed form their bodies, soften the head after you have given it a close shearing, do not put it back on it's body until you are ready to boil set the hair; other heads are not removable; these do best with more, or coarser, fibers. Check removability when selecting your doll.

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