Doll Quest

The best of anything is what gets the desired results.

"Do you have a license with ...?" No.
I do not have a licensing agreement with anyone.
"Do you have a contract with ...?" No.
I do not have a contract with anyone either.
"Do you have an E-Bay store?" No.
I plan to not.
"Are you on FaceBook, Twitter, My Space?" No.
Going to NOT happen.
"What method is best?" The easiest one for you.
"What materials are best?" The easiest for you to work with, anything that works, the most affordable, the easiest to attain.
"What thread is best?" One that is strong (and possibly also thick).
"What scale is best?" 1:3 and 1:2 are very easy sizes.
"What paint is best?" Plastic\vinyl specific, artist's acrylics, craft acrylics, Crème Oil stencil paint, artist's chalk pastels, colored pencils (in that order).
"Where did you find ...? See Links, ask me specifically.
"Why don't you make\sell\use ...? I either could not find it, afford it, or both.
"Can't I buy ... myself? Most likely, but if you want it included in a commission, it must get to me.
"Do you make porcelain dolls?" First, there is a difference between "dolls made of porcelain" and "porcelain dolls".
I don't have the equipment to make the porcelain myself; however, I can alter, decorate, and assemble premade porcelain parts.
"Do you make kits?" No.
Kits would need patters, directions, materials, and hardware that I do not have permission to sell as individual items.
"Can you make me ...?" Depends on the item, the scale, and the materials needed.
"Can I use Plasteline?" I recommend not.
Plasteline is modelling clay thus it never hardens and is usually what molds are formed around.
"Do I have to use doll specific clay?" No.
For some things (like fingers), I recommend super-flex clay (like mold making clay).
"What clay is best?" Any clay that doesn't shrink.
Like oven cure poly clay or epoxy clay.
"I don't have an embossing heat tool." On certain things, you can use a blow drier, an oven, or the heat from a 100, or higher, Watt incandescent light bulb.
"Can I use hot rollers, a curling, or a straitening iron?" Yes.
Use the lowest heat setting and leave curlers in until they are fully cooled, you can also use foam rollers.
"Why do you show other people's tools?" Merely for example.
"What can I use to attach wigs (and eyes)?" Poster tack putty or sticky squares (but not on silicon eyes).
"Why did you make ...?" Because I was dissatisfied with what was available, had a hard time attaining it, or could not find it.
"Why do you give instructions and patterns for free?" Because they are really very simple (if you have time to sit down and work out the bugs), and I want to irritate the "people" who sell them.
"I have a doll that wasn't fully rooted, will it be ruined if I add more hair?" Depends on whether or not you want the doll as just one for playing.
It may have value as an oddity; but if you want it just for play, do whatever you like (but find a good rooting tutorial and use it for guidance).
"Why have you not responded to my E-mail?" Because I did not see it; please, type "dolls" first in the subject bar.

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