About Roxi's Custom Dolls

My philosophy?
Dolls are meant to be played.

I have been customizing, repairing, and restoring dolls for over twenty years and can perform almost any alteration.

I can make or alter any type of doll or stuffed animal.
I can make them out of out of nearly any material except porcelain, for which I do not have the equipment.
Almost any scale (sample dolls span 1\12 scale to 1\2 scale)
Any type, such as character copies (only for privet personal collections!), MLPs, display dolls (only at specified request, and NOT out of "fully articulated" bases), cloth toys, stuffed animals
Any brand Barbie (all sizes), My Little Pony (or nock off), American Girl, Blythe, Pullip

Use Mohair (goat fur)! The baby goats are killed for their hair; most of it is sold skin-on to, "prove its authenticity."
Use human hair on a plastic doll and would appreciate not being asked for it at all! I believe human hair should go to Beautiful Lengths and other such organizations, not onto the heads of cheap, over hyped playthings.
Use ANY "skin-on" fur!
Make dolls larger than 1\2 scale (too difficult and expensive to ship).

I will do character copies only for privet personal collections! (ABSOLUTLY NO RESELLING! If you no longer want your doll I will buy it back at the the price of EITHER parts OR labor [which ever is less] plus shipping.)
I will make display dolls, but only at specified request, and not out of "fully articulated" bases.
I do not have the equipment to make dolls out of porcelain.

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