Eye Sizer Ring

The Eye Sizer is a double-ended, right-angled, v-shaped rooting and rerooting tool for soft doll heads. It consists of two dowels, centered at ninety degrees to one another, inserted into a wooden ball, with one needle on the end each dowel.

This improved design allows the user to put enough force on the sharp end of the tool to punch new holes (which the standard strait rooting tools do not), and the pronged needle is thin enough to not cause scalp splits.

The fatter, sharp needle is for making new holes or widening old ones.

The thinner, pronged needle is mounted on a longer dowel than the sharp needle (allowing it to be used like a plane, straight tool) and has been cut off at an angle, creating a long tine and a short tine, this end of the Eye Sizer is for stuffing hair into the doll head.

The flat side is for resting the Eye Sizer on keeping the needles off your worktable and protects the fragile points from breaking and your workbench from nicks, scratches, and gouges.
To prolong the life of the needles, rest and store Eye Sizer on its flat side.

V-Rooter specs:
     Wood body
     Two inch hand ball
     Two wood dowels (centered at right angles to one another)
     Four inch dowel on rooting end
     Two inch dowel on punching end
     Two stainless steel needles (one needle on the end each dowel)
     A forked rooting needle
     A sharp punching needle
     A flat side to rest on
     Needle size codes (for easy reordering)

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