Tourist Destinations & Fun Festivals

Out with the Old,
In with the New Year
A three day party, spanning Dec 31, Jan 1, and Jan 2, to ring in the new year.
Saint V By the time this Saint Valentin's Day celebration is over you'll never want to see pink again.
Wearin' o' the Green Saint Patrick's Day at its wildest!
Bunnies on Parade A merging of Christen and Pagan traditions, this event could easily be unique to Mystic Canyon.
Rainbow Rally A week long celebration of diversity and unity starting the first Sunday after June 1.
Independentenial If you dislike loud noise the you way want to leave the state!
All Hallows Eve Here in the canyon we TP our own trees.
November Rain Thanks Giving like you've never seen it.
Winter Wonder All December holidays in one three week fun-filled fiasco.