Hello. I am liberated and make a point of being what people don`t expect. If it would be the logical conclusion then it`s probably wrong. I am old enough to, vote, drink, drive, gamble, go to war, and marry; but not rent a car. My gender, sexuality, height, ethnicity, religion, and location are up for you to guess. (Iíve been to Venus and Jupiter but thereís no Mars.) I have had a boyfriend, now I want a girlfriend. My class(less)mates think Iím from another planet, my parents think Iím insane, and my sister doesn't think.

age: Younger enough to know better: old enough to get you in trouble.
hight: 6'0"
hair color: blonde
eye color: stormcloud gray
personalty: complicated
hobbies: writing, soap making, doll making, web design

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